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Are dinnerware pieces microwave safe?
Dishwashing preference?
Flatware Marks
Lead Free?
When will I receive my package?
Made to order
Ready to Ship

All Daniel Vu Ceramic dinnerware pieces are microwave safe though it is advised to not run long cycles such as defrosting. The pieces may be damaged by thermal shock.

Handwashing dishes will always be preferred.

That being said, Daniel Vu Ceramic pieces are dishwasher safe.

Allow for a full dry inbetween uses.

Use caution when using stronger detergents such as rinse aids as it may cause unnecessary wear to the glaze.

Contrary to belief, the majority of flatware marks are not scratches on the glaze but rather marks left on by flatware. To avoid these marks, 18/10 stainless steel recommended.

If flatware marks are appearing on pieces, it is advised to clean by hand to remove them. Assistance of products such as Bar Keepers Friend may help.

All pieces, included vases, are lead free and non-toxic.

Products will be shipped within 1-4 weeks depending on its status and arrival times are determined by delivery services. Find more info on shipping and policies here.

Items that are marked as "made to order" may require up to 4 weeks to be shipped out.

Items marked as "ready to ship" or "second" will be shipped within one week.